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AnimaSoin Bio

We use Ecological Vegans products and designed with approved raw materials

6 years ago, Animasoinbio skincare range has revolutionized the grooming industry, hundreds of professional groomers use our products every day and are equipped to obtain optimal results in their practices.

Our products are 100% natural and are composed of certified organic raw ingredient!

The complete range of Animasoinbio products is exclusively designed by a professional groomer with more than 30 years of experience in the field. In operation for over 4 years, And they are distributed across Canada.

Several hundred groomers have been trained with this approach and you will be able to consult the list of grooming salons that use and distribute our products.

In Quebec, we are the only manufacturers of animal products that use only biological and equitable components in their products. We guarantee our products at 100%, each range being formulated to meet the needs of all animals.

We are also trainers in natural cosmetology for animals, teaching groomers from all over Quebec how to treat animals by spa treatments, aromatherapy and other techniques that are close to them. The ph of all our products is adapted to the needs of animals.

At all times, people have the right to choose the smells, assets and other components that will bring to each of their products, a unique and personalized touch. We offer more 150 smells available and all our fragrances are phthalate-free and hypo-allergenic.

At home, no product are made by factory process, everything is done by hand, with patience and passion. Nevertheless, there are regular bacteriological checks to ensure the safety of our products.

In addition, we are working to be able to have our products recognized by the eco-firm canada

Animasoinbio products are not only natural, but from certified organic raw materials and approved by the Ecocert organization internationally and by other federally and nationally certified organizations. No animal source components are used in our products. Our products are Vegan.


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